Sunni Wedding A Sacred and Religious Act Create Couple's Holy Union

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Sunni wedding is a religious and cultural act performs various rituals and customs during the wedding ceremony. Sunni Muslim weddings are celebrated including various custom formalities that are closely connected to their cultural beliefs. Sunni marriages are conducted in the presence of Quazi and assembled people. Sunni brides wear traditional green auspicious color wedding attire and customary jewelry on their wedding day special. Sunni came in the world’s eye after the majority of the Muslim community. A large number of population approx 90% Muslims are Sunni and they adore Sahih al-Bukhari, as the significant hadith.
Sunnis perform a lot of custom and traditions when it comes to the matrimonial ceremony. Both families are engaged in preparation and arrangements to take wedding day deal. While some communities find the perfect matchmaking life partner in the same caste, religion or community if this marriage is arrange. During the Sunni marriage a quite celebration can be found when both families are enjoying these joyous moments. A Sunni wedding doesn’t require any auspicious muhurat to unite the couple. A special wedding ceremony can be arranged in any banquet hall, hotels and more. This wedding venue is decorated with different colored flowers, wedding stage decoration with a bunch of fresh flowers that makes a wedding scene more luxurious and apparent.

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Sunni marriages are mainly arranged in a traditional way by following the hadith of Muhammad al-Bukhari customs. The wedding ceremony is known as Nikah wherein the marriage contract is repeated between the couple. Both families are agreed for this matchmaking, relationship and mainly sated Kabool h, Kabool h, Kabool h three times. Sunni wedding requires the adult witness to give authenticity of the entire Nikah ceremony. .

A long time custom affair, particularly conducted in a more religious and traditional ways which performs the ancient practices and actions of the ancestor. These are the significant custom and traditions arranged during the Sunni matrimony.

This is a very first dominant ritual in the Muslim wedding/Nikah. Muslim community come to seek God consent and blessing to make this new relation. This custom is called Imam-zamin ceremony.

Manjha ceremony is a very special ceremony whereupon the bride wears yellow clothes. Haldi paste is pasted on the bride’s face and body by the family, relative and neighbor females. This brings a bridal glow very soon. After this sacrament the bride will not be allowed to go out.

On this day the bride receives traditional sagun by the groom’s family, as it contains various ingredients like clothes, ornamented jewelry and more. A bride considers wearing this costume for her Nikah ceremony.

When Baraat is coming soon at the wedding venue the bride’s family honorably welcomes for Baraat by offering them a different variety of beverages, delicious dishes, traditional gifts and sweets. As they are all enjoyed music and group dance together. These celebration make wedding much joyous. The main wedding ritual when groom shares a glass of sarbat with the brother of bride (Saala).